About Us

What Is “Texas Forever”?

“Texas Forever” is a way of life and it means whatever you want it to mean. It’s sweet tea and BBQ on a hot day. It’s hiking in Big Bend. It’s spending the day on the beach in Padre. It’s pictures in bluebonnets. It’s Hill Country sunsets and driving all day, but not getting out of this great state. It’s for Texans by birth, Texans by transplant, and Texans at heart.

Who’s in Charge?

Texas Forever was created by husband and wife Josh and Laura in the Spring of 2016. Laura was looking for a super soft T-Shirt that could show off her Texas pride but couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for. We started working on a few designs and figured that if we thought they were great, a lot of other folks might think so, too.

We grew up in New Braunfels (Go Unicorns!), have lived here our entire lives, and are raising our family here, too. If you’re really lucky, you might find a quality control card from one of our three kids in your order.

Josh is responsible for the geeky stuff like the website and creating the designs in Illustrator. Laura is Josh’s boss and is responsible for all the day to day operations, shipping orders, etc.

How Does a Shirt Go from Concept to My Mailbox?

The process for a shirt starts with Laura doodling her design ideas. From there, Josh makes a digital concept in Illustrator and then we send it off to our graphic designer. He creates a few different designs based on the concept, then Laura and Josh choose which one will actually become a shirt. We use a local screen printer in San Marcos, TX to print the final product. From there, we bring the shirts to our home in New Braunfels and we ship out to you!